Standards of working procedure

Goaheadspace is an ethical company, working to the highest standards of integrity.


Not only do we never take on very large corporate contracts, but, also, we will never be involved with any company, organization or individual, who has, in any way, shown themselves not to be working towards the common benefit of mankind. Greed is NOT good! Honest endeavour towards fair profit is.

As part of this integrity maintenance process, Goaheadspace will always follow all sensible standards, when developing web-sites. For example:

All work, produced by this company, will adhere, strictly, to any guidelines published by the ruling authority on Web standards, the World Wide Web Consortium.

All pages on all sites, built by us (with a few especially agreed exceptions) will aspire to be verifiability compliant to, at least, XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS level 2.1. These are standards agreed by the entire industry, but not often complied with by less meticulous and concerned developers.

If requested, buttons or links may be placed at the bottom of each page, that link to the W3C HTML 1.0 and CSS 2.1 verification tools. You can check out how this works, by clicking the buttons at the bottom of this  page (or any other page, internal to this site) . If errors are produced (red topped page), please inform us immediately to fix it. We do check regularly, so you are unlikely to find one.

In addition, your site will be entitled to be featured in the elite list of W3CSites, a directory of a few thousand sites that are registered as fully standards compliant. Other standards are already being complied with, but we are always listening to the customer's requests and can implement most requirements.


The Google Webmaster Guidelines are a set of suggestions for making sites machine-readable and, therefore, more easily indexed for searching. This will ensure that the site will comply with Google's indexing engines, increasing the web presence and complying with professional standards.

N.B. If the Google guidelines prove a little too technical for any of our customers, they are explained in everyday terms at



We would like to make all web-site owners aware of the influence of the apparently un-noticed, but surprisingly important, issue of grammar, spelling and writing-style errors. We only deal with text correction, if the language is English, but would suggest that text, supplied for a site, in whatever language, should be accurate, clear, correct in spelling and grammar and written in a fluid style. It is quite surprising the influence that poor writing can have, on the patience, that a user may have with a web-site.


We advise   our clients to make pages colourful and well-designed, with a good distribution of correctly positioned images, on most pages.

In this way, these sites should function identically, in all standards-compliant browsers, on almost all operating systems, even if, for example, the user is sight-impaired or the device they are using is only capable of handling text. For most users, they will even display very similar, in most javascript enabled browsers, although special features, such as video, may require the user to download additional software.

Read more about Web standards: The Web Standards Project | The World Wide Web Consortium


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