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For the most part, we design web-sites and supply secondary services to that good end.

However, the old computer adage, GIGO (Garbage in, garbage out), must always be borne in mind. We do not work with garbage, therefore our guidelines for web design become critical. It is advised to take note of them, before undertaking any consultation.

There are a number of issues to be considered. Good examples of this are security, privacy, look-and-feel, usablity, netiquette and, above all, content. A book may be published by a prestigious company, in a beautiful, professionally designed cover, but if no-one wants to read it, because it has no compelling content, it will not achieve its aims, whether to make money or to disseminate a message. The same is true of web-sites.

If you are looking to start up a web presence in a good way, expand your present web appearance and functionality or just 'pimp-up' your current site, it would be well to read the following short articles, detailing what you would need to know, about the process.

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