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PayPal logoFor sites that intend to involve themselves in eCommerce solutions or to sell real or virtual (downloadable) items, via a webshop shopping cart system, we are most likely to recommend using VirtueMart in a Joomla CMS. However for simpler tasks, such as selling a single or a few items, there are simpler solutions, such as the addition of a PayPal Payment Button to a page.


Virtuemart logoVirtueMart is a powerful webshop system, that requires a lot of configuration, but once up-and-running, provides a flexible solution for the building of a fully-fledged webshop. It has capabilities for features such as displaying related products and recently viewed products. User management is included and a method for categorizing products makes administration easy. The webshop owner can edit the appearance of pages and products and can view reports, such as orders in a flexible way.



For Drupal installations, Ubercart is a popular webshop to run. WP e-CommerceFor Wordpress, WP e-Commerce is arguably the best option. Other CMSs have other possiblities and there are also some standalone solutions, which are useful on non-CMS sites.


Our greatest concern is security and very high, but secondary, importance is given to functionality and design. As such, you can rely on our expertise to deliver a unique, safe and effective shopping experience, for you and your customers.


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