FAQ - Meaning of Web 2.0


Q: What is all this talk of Web 2.0 (or the semantic web)? Can you explain what is meant?


A:web1-web25 years later, in 2014, there are over 3 billion web-users (nearly half of the world's population), using 180 million sites and almost half of the content is, now, user-generated. Only in recent years, has Sir Tim Berners-Lee's 1980s vision, and subsequent decades of work with the World Wide Web Consortium, finally found its footing, in the main-stream.

With the introduction of technology, that has facilitated what is now known as "Web 2.0", tools like social networking sites, twitter, blogging etc. are in the hands of everyone.

Now, the introduction of what is called "cloud computing" - the moving of data into the cloud of online systems that store it, as an alternative to local disk storage - is also available to everyman. The data is processed, "in the cloud" by powerful server machines that deliver the processed data back to the user, through the web browser.

Harnessing the power is not anywhere near as complex as it sounds, provided you have the assistance required from an expert professional service, such as Goaheadspace, Amsterdam.

"If it seems that we see afar, it is because we stand on the shoulders of giants"

Thanks must also go also to all those intellectual giants, the programmers who, through the decades, who have made all this possible.

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