The Sussex Newspaper - October 2010


Sussex_newspaper_hip-hip-hoo-ray_article_fullsizeThe Sussex Newspaper is back!

After nearly a month offline, the county’s No.1 online publication is back in business.

The newspaper was taken offline after being targeted by hackers looking to halt our incredible growth and popularity.  But with the help of web guru, Ray Selby (pictured), we’ve beaten the hackers and restored your favourite online publication to its rightful position – right here on your screens where we belong.

Web wizard Ray Selby, whose company Goaheadspace is based in Amsterdam, worked tirelessly over a period of two weeks unravelling the chaos caused by malicious hackers.
Ray, a veteran of the Netherlands first public Internet Service Provider, XS4ALL Internet, spotted literally thousands of instances of rogue coding and tampering designed to keep The Sussex Newspaper off the net.

While working at XS4ALL Ray developed a wide-ranging knowledge of multiple development techniques.  Over the years he has combined this knowledge with an almost encyclopaedic understanding of online security issues, user-experience problems, advanced 'Web 2.0' methodology, database techniques and both Open Source and Windows hosting platforms.
The ex-pat web developer called on all of his skills when confronted by The Sussex Newspaper’s dilemma.

Editor Kizzi Nkwocha said: “What Ray managed to achieve is nothing short of a miracle.  We were told by our service providers that the hackers had more or less written us off and everyone was ready to read us our last rites.    The newspaper has been going for less than a year but had apparently drawn the attention of some pretty unsavory characters. 

“But despite the odds against us, Ray wouldn’t give up.  Using all of his experience and technical knowledge, he managed to isolate the hackers footprints, clean the site and restore everything the way it should have been.  We’re incredibly grateful to Ray and I know all of Sussex is in his debt.”
Ray can be contacted at:

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