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N.B. All prices are exclusive of VAT (BTW 21% in Netherlands) and subject to revision at any time.
All sites and tasks are unique, so it is impossible to give accurate pricing until the scope of the work is known. However, as a guide, approximate minimum pricing for various tasks is given, below.
Task Additional information Price in Euros (from)
Content Management Systems
Joomla! or WordPress installation/configuration Basic site, with up to 5 pages and standard template - includes basic maintenance for 3 months (upgrades/backup/security checks), security hardening, SEO, support etc. We are not responsible for content and its submission. Does not include template design (see: below). 135
Joomla/Wordpress site deployment only Requires FTP and database access details from a reputable hosting service  90
Site Hosting    
Hosting + deployment We arrange all the hosting and deployment needs and deliver a running web-site. Inclusive of hosting, domain registration, email account and basic site maintenance for 6 months. 135
Hosting contract Extend the hosting contract, beyond the first year 120 per year
Maintenance Contracts
Joomla full maintenance contract Includes: monthly - full site backup, upgrade of installation and extensions, general security check-up, email/skype support (reasonable use) 360 per half-year
Joomla basic maintenance contract Includes: quarterly - full site backup, essential security upgrades of installation and extensions, support for issues we were responsible for only 90 per year
Basic instruction session for editors Sessions for up to 4 persons. Demonstrations by instructor, on large screen. 180 per half-day
Advanced Joomla administration sessions Sessions for up to 4 persons. Demonstrations by instructor, on large screen. 180 per half-day
Templates and design    
Template design/installation/Configuration (Joomla/Wordpress)

Unique customised site design, precisely to required specifications. Customer spends about 1 or 2 hours working with designer to create a template specific to their tastes.

All templates are responsive to device - i.e. will appear correctly on most smart-phones (landscape or portrait mode), tablets (landscape or portrait mode) and desktop/laptop machines.

Template installation/Configuration (Joomla/Wordpress) The customer must supply own free or paid template. Advice is offered.  23
Logo/Header image/banner/house-style design Graphic design work will be outsourced to a competent company or freelancer. ask for quotation
Additional Services    
Search Engine Optimization + Analytics Deployment of Google Analytics, use of tools, experience and advice for SEO. from 90
Content maintenance We can maintain the content of your site. You can deliver text, images an other media to us and we will deploy this into the content of the pages. However, we do advise you to do this yourself as it is not difficult and can save on costs Charged on a per task basis
Multi-language functionality Does not include translation services, re-working of graphics, proof reading or writing of copy. Content is the responsibility of the site owner, unless otherwise negotiated. For that, ask for quotation. ask for quotation
Extensions - widgets, modules, plug-ins, gadgets, enhancements etc.

We can do almost anything possible that you have seen before on a web-site and sometimes what has never been seen before.

Once we have your specifications, we will be able to tell the customer whether these are cheap additions, costing only a few Euros or something that will be far more expensive.

ask for quotation
Advanced Joomla administration sessions Sessions for up to 4 persons. Demonstrations by instructor, on large screen. ask for quotation;
Re-instatement of hacked site. If your site has been hacked, spammed or intruded upon, we can diagnose and may be able to fix the problem. ask for quotation



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