FAQ - How can you be so low priced?

Q: Our budget may be tight, so we are looking for a good price, but how could your services be priced that low?

A: These are some of the reasons
  • We run an 'eenmanzaak' (Sole Proprietorship) company.
  • All work that cannot be undertaken by us, is done by local freelancers.
  • Work from my own home, which functions as office and workplace, reduces costs considerably.
  • We are fully equipped for small tasks, but our equipment budget can remain low, because we never take on tasks which would require large and expensive equipment and space to store it in.
  • I was fortunate enough not to need finance to launch the company. Therefore, there are no in-between bankers, financiers or venture capitalists to suck the company dry.
  • With modern software automation techniques, our administative costs remain low.
  • We work almost entirely online (except for head-to-head consultations and tutorial sessions). Therefore, we have low human resource costs.

All this allows our rates to be, in fact, highly competitive, in the Dutch marketplace, relative to the speed and quality of our work. Some would say ridiculously low.

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