After Launch - Site maintenance

Budget hint:
After the site's launch, you can budget, by learning to do as much as you can yourself. We give personal tuition and there is plenty of help on-line. Joomla and WordPress are generously supported by thriving communities.


The hourly rates for site maintenance, after launch, will be the same as for site construction.

Read about pricing.

Maintenance contracts

There are four levels of after-launch maintenance.

  • Plan #A - All - we do all the maintenance of the site. You send us content and we deploy it. You request a feature, we build it in to your site.
  • Plan #B - Some - We do all the more difficult programming, such as re-configuration and adding of features. We also deal with software upgrades that impact on security. You handle the content. Tutorials may be provided.
  • Plan #C - Major upgrades - We do only any required major upgrading of the site. You do the rest.
  • Plan #D - None - You configure, program, add features to and add content to the site. We are not involved. WARNING: This requires someone with sufficient technical knowledge. We do not give such training or tuition.

N.B. Most customers would feel most comfortable with Plan #B.


  • We do not maintain sites that were not originally built by us.
  • There is a minimum of 1/2 hour charge for any work, beyond answering the telephone or emails (up to some limits).
  • We also do no other sorts of work, such as maintenance of desktop computers or software. Just because one has a lot of techie knowledge, about computers, doesn't mean that one is willing to use one's time doing such work.
  • We reserve the right to not be held responsible for any loss of business, directly or indirectly, involved with our work.
  • We are not responsible for the work of external companies, such as hosting services, even if we have arranged them for the client.

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