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About Goaheadspace

What do we do?
Goaheadspace is a Web Development Consultancy for any small office/home office (SOHO) organization, that is on a tight budget.
The objective of this small start-up company is to develop new websites and upgrade old-fashioned, twentieth century sites, to modern, dynamic, 'Web 2.0' online presences, to a high standard of excellence, quickly and easily, at a reasonable price.
Because of our specialization in small organization web-sites and our cost-conscious business-plan, we are able to not only keep our hourly development rates to a minimum, but also, due to a great deal of experience in the field, we are able to work fast and efficiently, to a very high standard. This also reduces costs, considerably.
In addition, we also encourage - and train, if requested - our customers to do as much of the after-launch maintenance work, as they are capable of doing. This further reduces the web owner's ultimate costs.
Service is always personal, specific and customised, in close collaboration with the client.
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Who is in charge?
The company is run by its sole proprietor, British ex-pat., Ray Selby, an experienced and dedicated web designer and programmer. Read more...
What is our location?
We are located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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