FAQ - What will a site cost to build

Q: I know all web-sites are different and customized, but can I get some idea of what a typical site will cost me?


A: Here are some examples to give an idea of what the costs will, finally, be:

Small contracts:


A Joomla-based CMS website, with up to 5 articles and a simple but highly functional interface (known as a 'visiting card' site), may take as little as 3-6 hours to build and deploy.

This could cost as little as (from) 135-270 Euros (excl. BTW tax).


Medium sized contracts:


A similar contract for a site, with 10-30 articles, such as a somewhat scaled-down version of this site, inclusive of:


  • images and possible other multimedia objects
  • a certain amount of customizing of a standard template
  • a little graphic work and the insertion of content for those articles
  • a few web gadgets
  • complete functional navigation
  • an hour or two of essential tuition
  • security hardening of site
  • some after-sales maintenance

would add up to a total of from 15 hours, which would cost 675 Euros excl. tax, up to as much as 40 hours, which would cost 1800 Euros excl. tax, dependent upon requirements.


Because of the speed and accuracy with which we work, this latter would imply a massive and complex site. It is more likely that such a site would require larger-scale and more complex functionality and it is this that would increase costs to a greater degree.


Larger Contracts:


Larger contracts must be charged, by negotiation.

As extremely large projects require larger and specialized teams of developers, there is a limit to the size of such projects, that we can undertake at the current stage of our development as a company.

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