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If the contract is such (a 'normal' contract), we will supply a CMS or Content Managed System. This provides a way in which, not only can you control the content of the web-site, but users can also add information, under your control.

This all just means that, once built, you will be able to open a browser to a special password-protected web-site and edit the content on your site, yourself, any time you like. You could add/delete/change text and/or pictures, move stuff from one place to another, see the statistics of the the site etc. - all in a user-friendly browser page - by typing & clicking buttons. Users could create an account and log in to edit their own blogs and articles, if that is desired, also.



joomla logo black smallerThere are over a thousand different CMS technologies, currently available. Many are highly professional and designed for corporate use. As such, they may be very expensive. There are also many free Open Source systems available, such as 'Joomla', 'WordPress' & 'Drupal'. Each CMS has its own pros and cons.

Using a CMS, you would only ever need a web-master for very occasional major maintenance, desired style changes and requested extensions to the functionality of the site, reducing costs considerably. However, the choice of CMS is crucial to the look and feel of the site and its future maintenance, so a good choice should be made, from the beginning. We are quite prepared to advise on this issue or even choose for you, based on your needs, if you so wish.

With a CMS, anyone with a super administrator account can also make deeper changes to the configuration and style of the site - but only someone with enough knowledge and skill. Of course, we also offer various levels of maintenance contracts, to suit your capabilities and needs.

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