FAQ - What is on the bottom of your site's pages?

Q: What is all that stuff at the bottom of every page of your web-site?

A: Every image, line of text and button, here, has an important meaning.

First, may be found a line of text, explaining that the site has been built to W3C standards, by Goaheadspace. We use our old logo here, just for nostalgia (see: below).

Next, comes a line making our web-site copyright clear. Generally, we would always allow our Creative Commons license (see: below) take priority over the copyright, in any dispute over intellectual ownership. As far as we are concerned, the old adage 'You own your own words.' is the principal that we believe in.

After this, we state our Chamber of Commerce number, as designated by the KvK, Amsterdam and our BTW (Value Added Tax) number, as designated by the Nederland belastingdienst (Dutch tax department).

This is followed by a number of symbolic icons.Moving the cursor over an icon will display a caption of explanation. By clicking each button, you can find out more, but here is a list of them with a short explanation for each.

88x31 The Creative Commons Licence is a little like copyright, but with different, fairer rules applying. There are different licences that can be taken out on any creative work, but the one that applies to this web-site allows sharing (copy, distribute and transmit) and remixing of the work, provided that the work is attributed in the manner specified by us, is non-commercial and that any alteration can only be distributed, under the same licence. Click the button to find out more, if you want to use any of the work on this site.

acap_enabled ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol) is the new open standard that enables website owners to express terms under which crawlers (also known as robots or spiders) and others are allowed access to and use of their website contents. ACAP is set to become a universal permissions protocol on the Internet, a totally open, non-proprietary standard.

proethics This is a voluntary pledge that we, at Goaheadspace (and many other true professionals) have taken, in the face of so many malicious sites,these days. We pledge to maintain ethical standards in web development.

The pledge is four-fold.

  1. I will uphold principles of integrity to myself and the Web profession;
  2. I understand that I am one among many and, as such, my participation in the Web profession is grounded in principles of democracy;
  3. I will not seek harm on another's property, whether physical or intellectual;
  4. I understand that I am a role model and that I must perform accordingly, both fair and trustworthy.
The following buttons are concerned with W3C standards compliance.
N.B. W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the governing body of web standards.

html5 logo HTML 5 is one of the most important of these standards. It is a standardised extension to the old HTML, which followed no true standards. This resulted in a chaos of competing and incompatible web-sites and browsers.

Pressing this button will open a new window, where a validation of the page's HTML 5 standard will take place. You will be able to see for yourself, that the standards are complied with.

css3 Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a way of separating presentation information, such as fonts, colors etc. from the XHTML markup information, which should only be concerned with what to display, not so much how to display it. The CSS used on this site complies with the CSS 3 standard, as do most professional sites.

Pressing this button will open a new window, where a validation of the page's CSS 3 standard will take place. You will be able to see for yourself, that the standards are complied with.

wcag1A In additon to standardisation, we are also concerned with accessibility. Not everyone is able-bodied, has a good Internet connection and has a powerful computer at hand, with a large screen. Therefore sites should best be designed with this in mind.

This usually involves some sort of trade-off between being accessible to everyone and being fully-featured, but there are tricks to make sites get the best of both worlds.

This button indicates that this site endeavours to reach Level A of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, including all Priority 1 checkpoints defined in the Guidelines. We may not always be totally successful, with every page, but a great deal of effort is made to earn this badge, fairly.

icn_w3csites_88x31 This icon indicates that this site (and other sites built by us) have been accepted by the W3C in their elite database of just over 7,000 designers and less than 15,000 sites, worldwide that are professional enough to be considered to be standards compatible. We are one of only 6 accepted designers, with portfolios, in Amsterdam, at the time of writing.

Charities we support:

logoopzwartThe Project Aware foundation is a modern human rights organization, founded to make the world aware of the importance of freedom as the basis of life all over the world and the international declaration of human rights.

Being Children Formerly known as 'Children Walking Tall', 'Being Children' is a registered UK charity dedicated to helping slum and street children in India.

Our old logo:

GHSLogo_xsm This is the old Goaheadspace logo, before we became a real company.

Since then, it has been replaced by this logo: logo

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